Congratulations on taking a giant step in your personal and artistic life!

While we know that there are many that would like to participate in this Mastermind Program, we’re only accepting the few that have the passion and determination to learn, share and follow thru with the content we present.

Remember, we’re only accepting the first 25 qualified applicants for each session.

YES! There Are Some Rules….

You MUST come in with an open mind

You MUST engage and contribute to the discussions. Your input is valuable and we can all learn from your experiences.

Everything that is said and done in the sessions, stays in the sessions. Gossip or rumors outside of the group will not be tolerated!

Leave your ego in the dumpster. We’re here to accomplish not boast endlessly.

You must be willing to learn and take constructive advise from the attendees and the presenters.

You must arrive on time and stay for the entire session.

You must respect yourself and the other attendees.

That you’ll take action with the information presented to further your career.

That you’re willing to change your mindset and accept that this is the future. Here. Now.


We will give you the latest relevant information you can use, today.

We will hold your hand or get in your face if needed.

We will motivate, support and guide you throughout the sessions and beyond

We will give you value

We will be approachable

We will be honest

We will respect you and your talents

We will connect you to those who can help

We will have a great time becoming better musicians and humans.

We will not waste your time.

Your application

Once submitted and accepted, we will contact you with information on the next scheduled Mastermind Session.